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Kapelis Packaging is a specialized packaging company for both food and non-food products. The company provides complete solutions relating to packaging materials and machinery, representing some of the largest and most innovative firms in the industry worldwide.

Thanks to our many years of experience in food packaging, we are confident that we can offer you complete, reliable and cost effective value-added solutions.

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Kapelis Packaging delivers a set of Professional Services to its customers as a part of its turn-key solution proposition to completely cover their requirements, from first contact to machinery training.

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Syskevasia2018 Expo: Kapelis Packaging will participate dynamically at Syskevasia 2018 (16th International Exhibition of Packaging, Machinery, Printing & Logistics), which will be held once again at the Metropolitan Expo, from the 12th to the 15th of October. The company will present its innovative machinery and packaging materials! We will be looking forward to seeing you in Area 3, at Booth B2-C1!


Kapelis Packaging S.A.

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