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Kapelis Packaging is participating at the Syskevasia2018 Expo!

Syskevasia2018 Expo: Kapelis Packaging will participate dynamically at Syskevasia 2018 (16th International Exhibition of Packaging, Machinery, Printing & Logistics), which will be held once again at the Metropolitan Expo, from the 12th to the 15th of October. The company will present its innovative machinery and packaging materials! We will be looking forward to seeing you in Area 3, at Booth B2-C1!

June 2018: Doypack type bags

Kapelis Packaging has a variety of Doypack bags. Although they are made of flexible material, they can stand upright on the shelf due to their proper configuration, resulting in a better presentation and visibility of the product, as well as practicality of use.

> Always carry zip to re-lock after each use.
> Always with an easy opening notch to unpack the package.
> Reverse valve fitting, such as coffee packs (for carbon dioxide exit and non-recirculated air).
> Handle or hole eurohole.
> In a variety of ready-made dimensions.  Tailor made dimensions on order.

> Now new competitive prices, very appealing especially for specific doypack-type bags!

Finally, for higher speeds, Kapelis Packaging offers automatic packaging machines that either use ready-made, preformed bags, or they mold them on the spot (adding a zip or valve, if required) from a simple roll of suitable film.

May 2018: Kapelis Packaging extends its CPET cookware packaging series with innovative shapes and new dimensions!

Kapelis Packaging is a pioneer in CPET in the Greek market and is constantly updating its code list series. The new CPET code range is available in innovative shapes and new dimensions.

We will be happy to look at your product together and find a packaging solution that will highlight it and make it more competitive on the market. Contact us now to learn more!

10 – 12 March 2018: Kapelis Packaging participated for another year at FOOD EXPO GREECE 2018, the leading F&B trade show in S.E. Europe!

FOOD EXPO is currently the leading exhibition, as well as the most important trade forum for Food and Drinks in Greece and the Balkans. It is reputed for being a truly large international exhibition, not only covering the needs of the domestic market, but also responsive to the globalization needs of Greek producers. Kapelis Packaging steadily participates in Food Expo during the last years as a major exhibitor.

After its successful and growing presence in the market, Kapelis Packaging supported its activities, highlighting its innovative products in the industry, where visitors had the opportunity to see innovative packaging machines and materials and were informed about the whole range offered by the company.

At the Kapelis Packaging booth at FOOD EXPO 2018 exhibition (Hall 1, B02 / C01 at the entrance of the hall), the company highlighted professional packaging machines in operation as well as the necessary materials certified for food contact.

We thank all our guests!

More news coming up soon. Thank you for your patience!

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