At Kapelis Packaging, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key element of business consistency, governed by ethical criteria in operations, with respect to the society and the protection of the environment.

We are committed to a sustainable business model, combining a growing and profitable business with the promotion of environmental and social awareness. 


Environmental Responsibility


Kapelis Packaging is certified by the Hellenic Recycling Agency (HRA) authorized by the Ministry of Environment & Energy for the design and implementation of recycling policy in Greece.


Kapelis Packaging, always consistent with its environmental obligations, participates in the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) to recycle to the maximum possible the packaging materials it distributes.


Kapelis Packaging is certified by AFIS SA which is a non profit company with the aim of organizing a collective system for the alternative management of portable batteries and accumulators.

Think Before you Print

The company is also actively embracing the “Think before you print” concept, and considers multiple techniques and tools to manage and reduce waste.

Economical Responsibility

Low Carbon Footprint

Kapelis Packaging surrounds its business around the philosophy of low carbon footprint by saving electrical energy “Turn off and Unplug”.

Eco Friendly Lighting System

We are a company using eco-friendly lamps and light fixtures.


Kapelis Packaging is consistent in all its obligations to its customers, suppliers and employees.

Community Responsibility


Kapelis Packaging also donate funds to organisations such as SOS Children’s Villages, Médecins Sans Frontières, and more. The role and value of SOS Children’s Villages is the embrace with love and care of children who are alone in the world. They give each child separately the warmth of one’s own home, the companionship of friends and brothers, the interest in his education and well being. Médecins Sans Frontières is a private, international association that provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict.

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