EURO 600

Flowpack Machines / EURO 600

Flexible flowpack machine

Suitable for large or sensitive products, for single packing or packing of multiple product units together. Seals the bags perfectly, even at high speed. With 6 servomotors and 4 additional asynchronous motors. Position of film is either on the upper or lower side of the feeding conveyor, depending on the product (optional, on order). Availlable in different versions, all of them demonstrating the same high quality standards.

General Features:

> 100% stainless, robust construction.

> Control panel with color 7,7 inch touch screen.

> 100 storable recipes.

> Mechanical film unwinding.

> High quality electrical box, according to EU regulations for 24V connections.

> Made in Europe.

> Product outfeed conveyor.

> Two or three sealing jaws (depending on machine version).

> Position of film is either on the upper or lower side (depending on machine version).

> BOX MOTION versions, for MAP (depending on machine version).


> Photocell for printed film

> Gas flush MAP

> No product – No bag

> Various bag length, according to product length

> Maximum film width 720 mm

> Extra forming device (fixed)

> Fixed or adjustable forming device

> Feeding conveyor extension

> Film preheating

> zig-zag cut feature