OnShrink S series

Shrinking Machines / OnShrink S series

Automatic Shrinking systems


Fully automatic step motion function (vertical guillotine) machines, of high quality and in very competitive price.

General Features:
> 3 seals system
> Ideal for constant product changes
> Automatic track of product presence. Sensor ensures the products’ safety
> Automatic adjustment in products with different dimensions
> Easy and quick changes between film rolls of different widths
> Siemens PLC with 99 program memories and a color touch screen
> User-friendly
> Continuous temperature control
> Suitable tor Polyolefin film (PO) & Polyethylene film (PE)
> Double silicone curtains on each side of the shrinking tunnel for optimal results
> Shrinking tunnel with double insulation
> In accordance with the CE regulations