Tray Sealers: BS 34 (Automatic Linear with MAP)

BS 34

Tray Sealers / BS 34

Automatic linear tray sealing machine with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

It includes feeding conveyor and powerful vacuum pump (100 m3/h).
Suitable for a vast range of tray sealing applications, such as: fresh or frozen meat & fish, fresh agricultural products, pastry & confectionery products, ready meals, dry nuts, cheese & dairy products, etc.

General Features:

> 100% stainless steel construction (Inox), food-contact approved
> Easy change between different trays in short time
> Powerful BUSCH vacuum pump
> Safety valve for use of gas mixtures with high oxygen percentage (Ο2 > 21%)
> Low power consumption
> Compact machine
> PLC from SIEMENS with touch screen

Optional, on order:

> Outlet roller conveyor
> Photocell for printed film