Vacuum Packaging Machines: Mobile Vacuum Chambers

Mobile Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Packaging Machines / Mobile Vacuum Chambers

Mobile Vacuum Chambers

Available in the following models:
MAX-F 42
MAX-F 46
MAX-F 50
TITAN-F 1000

MAX vacuum chamber series “continues” in its mobile version with stronger vacuum pumps. In high pressure models, acrylic lid is replaced with a steel one. Sturdy, high quality manufacturing is combined with a 50-year experience in mobile, MAX/ TITAN vacuum chambers series.

General features:
> Made out of INOX, suitable for food contact
> Reliable BUSCH vacuum pumps
> High pressure seal
> Acrylic/ steel, automatically opening lid
> Automatic boiling point detection to avoid product’s liquids evaporation
> With additional slabs for chamber volume reduction and subsequent vacuum function effectiveness increase

Options on order:
> Stronger vacuum pumps
> MAP packaging (gas flush)
> Cut-off sealing bar
> 2nd sealing bar
> Slow air release (“soft air”)
> Double seam sealing
> Inspection glass on lid for TITAN models
> Machines in special sizes and designs