Compact and robust vertical packaging machine

Compact and robust packaging machine, available in its vertical version or with fix inclination. It is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 to grant the highest packaging hygiene and quality standards. Pneumatic reel-holder, movable rear bracket and motorized reel-holder shaft come as standard supply. 7″ color touch screen for simple Human-Machine Interface. The quick replacement of the forming tube and the employment of first level components make it a reference among the machines of its category.

Products to be packed:

Fragile and delicate products: cookies, waffers, chips, crackers, etc.


> Stabilo device mounted on board (max dimensions 160x70x6mm/150x80x6mm)

> Square bottom and flap folding system

> Gas injection for MAP packaging

> Thermo-transfer printers

> Vacuum chamber