Economic compact vertical packaging machine

Vertical packaging machine Pitpack is designed to package a wide range of loose, free flowing, powdery, granulated and small piece products into three seam bags, formed from thermo sealed film. Pitpack is a basic vertical machine manufactured by Tauras-Fenix, characterized by compact dimensions and affordable price, with good performance level and mechanical speed up to 45 cycles/min.

Products to be packed:

Loose and small piece products: grains, pasta, dried fruits, snacks, tea, coffee beans, candies, sugar, salt, etc. Powdery products: dry milk, flour, starch, cocoa powder, etc. Frozen products: seafood, berries and vegetables, ready-to-cook foods, etc. Non-food products: dry household chemicals, bath salts, seeds, soil, fertilizers, animal food, etc.

General Features:

> Bag forming unit

> Film pulling unit

> Longitudinal and cross sealing units

> Control system (fit to work with any filler)

> Date printer in a cross sealer

> Photo mark sensing unit (photo-cell)

> Film stopping by photo mark system


> Side fold forming unit

> Flat bottom forming unit

> Pyramide bag forming unit

> Euroslot device

> Cliche/Ink printer

> Inert gas injection system

> Impulse sealing unit

> Dust exhaust system

> Static charge killer