Vertical packaging machine for products with length, shape and fragility details

SFINGE is the right solution to the packaging of products that have length, shape and fragility details. Products that require particular packaging phases as the care with which they have carried out while maintaining their integrity.

SFINGE comes to you in 2 versions:

>Horizontal in a fixed position for the packaging of only long products (eg, long pasta, bread sticks Special, etc).

>Inclinable up to 45° to ensure the versatility to manufacture long products when in the horizontal position and fragile products when it is tilted.

Products to be packed:

Long-length products: spagetti, grissini, salted sticks, etc. With inclined tube version – also loose small piece products.


> Motorized  pulling rubber roller

> Gas injection for bags in modified atmosphere

> Hot leaf printing unit

> Device for four sealed edges

> Device to set the film automatically in the center

> Flat bottom forming brushless device

> Many others on demand