Packaging Solutions for Powdered Foods - Spices and more

Powdered foods – Coffee – Spices – Flour – Cocoa

Dried Products / Powdered foods – Coffee – Spices – Flour – Cocoa

The product category:

Powdered foods range from beverage and soup powders to cake mixes and custard powders to name just a few. They include instant coffee, tea, flour, cocoa, spices, and may consist of a mixture of different ingredients.

Types of Machines used:

Vertical lines as well as stick or doypack machines combined with the relevant dosage systems are considered the best option for powdered foods. Also, special vacuum equipment is applied for brick form packs. Even manual heat-sealers can be used.

Package type used:

Pillow bags, flat-bottomed bags, brick bags, doypack bags, sachet and stick bags are most commonly used for powdered foods.

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