Flowpack Machines

Kapelis Packaging, in collaboration with Tauras Fenix and SigitasPak, offers flowpack packaging machines that allow to realize three-seal bags starting from a plain thermo-sealing film reel. They can be fully servo assisted, with a cantilevered construction on a frame in stainless steel. They are modular and easily removable. The compact dimensions together with the wide range of available optional equipment, making them very flexible and the ideal solution when packing a large variety of food and non food products. While, they also have the ability to be cleaned easily.

Flowpack machines are widely used for packaging the following product groups:
> Confectionery (biscuits, wafers, chocolates, candies, fruit candies, marshmallows, etc.)
> Curd cheese briquettes

> Non-food single unit products (disposable tableware, household goods, sponges, wipes, certain pharmaceutical products, etc.)