Stick Machines

StickPack machines are a vertical form fill and seal machine incorporating new levels of technology, reliability and versatility at an affordable price. Manufactured in stainless steel, incorporating servo motor and pneumatic, the Stickpack machines are easy to use and maintain. Controlled by simple to operate PLC software, keeping mechanical adjustment to a minimum and preventing expensive downtime.
Its advantages include: compact design, easy access to various mechanical parts, ability to produce from 5 to 10 sticks per cycle at high speeds (up to 600 sticks / min), and easy stick change.
It can be combined with a wide range of optional equipment, which includes:
> Multiple date printing equipment
> Easy-open bag configuration
> Different pattern and pattern options
> Separate cutting section
> Tubing and forming collar according to customer requirements
> Feeding conveyor
> Output conveyor with a counter of finished products
> Weight control and rejection of sticks that have an unacceptable weight
> System for tracking and rejecting empty sticks
> Dust absorbing device

Products to be packed:
Liquid and paste products: sauces, mayo, ketchup, mustard; syrup; liquid soap, shampoo, etc. Granulated and powder products: salt, sugar, dry creamer, coffee, tee, spices; non-food products.