Stand Up Pouch

Pouches composed of flexible material but, due to their bottom formation, can stand up on the shelf resulting in a better and more competitive product presentation as well as in a better usability.

> They always come with a zip in order to reclose after use

> They always have an easy open tearing notch at their sides

> A one way valve is optional in order to release gasses produced by •the product (usually CO2 produced by coffee products)

> Optional is also a eurohole or a handle puncture at the top of the bag

> In a variety of ready dimensions. Tailor made dimensions on order.

> A variety of materials is available:

Clear PET/PE both or one sided bags (the other side metalized)
Colored or metalized PET/PE bags with or without window
Kraft laminated, with or without window
With an Aluminum layer for aroma or UV protection
Stand-up pouches can be sealed at a tabletop sealer. If however they are thick or have a Kraft or Aluminum layer, a more specialized sealer is required with a wide sealing area and both jaws heated.

They are also suitable for shelf life extention techniques such as pasteurization or MAP when they have the proper gas barrier or boilable properties.

It is worth mentioning here that, in case of high production speeds, automatic packing machines can, either use premade pouches or to form them at spot using the suitable film reel (adding a zipper or a valve if necessary). Kapelis Packaging offers both machine types.

Doypack is considered today as one of the most beautifull and prestigious packaging types.