Packaging with “Shrink Packaging / Shrinking Film” is the packaging operation applied directly on a product or wrapping around of a product already wrapped with another technique with plastic films. Although this process is commonly referred to as “Shrink Wrapping”, some sources call this “Polywrapping” which is just wrapping it around the product without using any the heat application.

Shrink Film used for packaging purposes shrink with the help of the heat and take the form of the product it is wrapping. Shrink operation is applied together with Shrink Machine and Shrink Film.

In the first phase of the Shrink Machine, which operates in a two-stage process the plastic film called the seam welding and wrapping around the product to be packaged is seamed with the welding machine. The second phase consists of a tunnel that allows the Shrink Film to shrink by applying heat.

The results include but are not limited to:

> Outstanding pack appearance through shrink technology.

> Increased shelf-life in the chilled product segment due to vacuum technology.

> High flexibility in product dimension with instantaneous adjustment to product shapes