Services Departments

Since 1990, our experience and commitment to client satisfaction is why Kapelis Packaging  S.A. has a reputation for delivering solid valuable services.

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Our engineers, biologists and support team are always available to provide troubleshooting assistance, guidance and advice to our customers.

Orders Department

Elina Pavlidou

 Technical Director – Machinery Expert

Argyris Stouras

Projects Development Department – Chemical Engineer

Sotiris Angelopoulos

Sales Department – Sales Director

Spyros Dalakos

Damage Control & Technical Department

Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Sales Department – Sales Consultant

Panagiotis Kostos

Sales Department – Sales Consultant

Apostolos Pateas

Sales Department – Sales Engineer

Stavros Papazaharias

Kapelis Packaging delivers a set of Professional Services to its customers as a part of its turn-key solution proposition to completely cover their requirements, from first contact to machinery training and after sales service.


At Kapelis Packaging, we provide consistent ERP, barcoding & FIFO management that enables us to deliver the top quality service you desire.

Project Analysis

After establishing the first contact, the packaging specifications are recorded and analysed and the customer is informed about the best cutting- edge technology solutions for their specific needs.

Value for Money Packaging Proposals

Expert engineers and food technologists analyze the required specifications and propose the optimal packaging solution for each case, with added-value certified materials and reliable machines.

Integrated Project Management

Upon the completion of the packaging proposal and order receipt, machine’s production begins, based on customer’s packing and food samples.

If any clarification during this stage occurs, it is agreed with the client so that the optimum result be achieved.

The machine is installed at the customer’s final production premises, in cooperation with a vendor’s technician if required. Real-time product testing and machine operation training is included.

Free Shipment in the Attica Region

Kapelis Packaging delivers your order free-of-charge, from its facilities to any location within.the Attica region or the transportation agency of your choice.

Continuous Technical and Advisory Support

Following the delivery and completion of a project, Kapelis Packaging offers continuous contact and support for new requirements, maintenance, spare parts and / or possible damage reports. The company’s technical department offers technical and maintenance support while the company further advises the customer of the optimal use of his machinery and packaging materials.

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